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Top Products of 2010

    I've been wanting to do this one for awhile but never got around to it. I'm starting to really wish I had a webcam or whatever so I could do youtube videos. I mean I have a youtube but its just so I can watch other videos and I favorited a bunch of makeup tutorials that I use often so I can find them easily when I need them. I'm starting to make up my own "looks" too. Maybe I'll look into it soon. But on to my favorite makeup products of 2010!

Concealer: Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer (I'm NW20). It's creamy it blends well and it conceals my under-eyes. I've tried sooo many different concealers and I decided to just go with a high end one because I really don't like having circles under my eyes and I have them no matter how much sleep I get.

Foundation: Revlon ColorStay for Normal/Dry skin (I'm 200 Nude). I'm also very fickle with foundation and change so often but I really love this one. It isn't drying and doesn't flake off or melt off and it blends really well into my skin tone. I always go with a drug store brand for foundation instead of high end because it's something that I use a lot of and have to re-buy often and don't want to keep spending the money over and over. 

Eye Products (besides liner and mascara): I have a lot of favorites for this one. I love Urban Decay Primer Potion I use it every day under my eye makeup and it keeps it ON. Plus it doesn't crease and makes the colors brighter and truer. I have the regular one and Sin. I like them both depending on if I'm doing a more shimmery eye or not. I haven't tried the Eden one, I got it for my mom and I might borrow it just to try it once. For eyeshadow, I really can't choose between the Coastal Scents palettes and the Urban Decay deluxe palette. I love my Coastal Scents palettes I have the 88 shimmer and the 88 warm. They are so cheap especially for getting 88 colors! The little pots are small but still plenty I haven't even begun to run out of any of the colors. I use the shimmer one a lot more but the warm is still good, plus they are such good quality and super pigmented. I probably use my Urban Decay one the most, the colors are so pretty and smooth and you can do bright looks or super subtle ones with the same palette. Second place is the NYX kits, they each have 9 eye colors and 2 lip colors. There are 4, I think I mentioned them in another blog, but the colors are great and they are so fun to use.

Eye Liner: I looked for so long for a good liner that wouldn't slide all over my face by the end of the night. I decided to go high end and get a Mac one, it was my first Mac product and I was pretty disappointed. So I was about to give up when I saw the Urban Decay 24/7 liners and I was like well it says 24/7 so I'll try it. So glad I did, it's my favorite! It glides on so smooth and stays put! I got Zero, the black one and then I tried the 24/7 Jackpot which had 9 mini sizes of great colors and a full size Zero and I use them all! Best eyeliner.

Mascara: This is a weird story kind of. I NEVER wore mascara, I wore it for my wedding and that's it. I never liked how it seemed to make my eyelashes clumpy and sticky and irritate my contact lenses. Pretty much I had just never gotten a good quality one. But I did this look that sort of made my bottom lashes look really puny and used my mom's mascara just for that one day. I liked it so I decided to try one and then I just went from there and now I have 4 different kinds. My favorite is probably the NYX Dolleye Volume but I just got a little sample size of Benefit Badgal Lash and I really like that one too.

Lips: For lipstick probably Mac in Angel and for gloss probably a tie between Mac Lipglass in A Quiet Roar and NYX Goddess of the Night Baby Rose which is shimmery and pretty much colorless but I put it over other glosses and lipsticks for shine. Plus it smells sooo good!

Hair Product: I really have 2 (3 kind of) that I can't go without. The first is Macadamia Oil hair mask. Twice a week I take a little bit of that, mix in a few drops of the Macadamia Oil and leave it in my hair for the rest of my shower and then rinse it out. It makes my hair so unbelievably soft. I also use Redkin Satin Wear blow dry lotion. It protects your hair from the heat of your blow dryer which is important but also it just makes my hair so silky (haha I almost wrote sickly) and soft and I just wanna swish it around like a shampoo commercial. I use about 2 pumps or 1 1/2 and comb it through my hair with my fingers and then whatever is left I smooth over the top of my head.

Other stuff: Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Light Bronze Pearl whew that was a lot haha. I use this as a bronzer and since I'm pretty pale it works wonders, it's really light and doesn't make me look bronze or orange, just gives a slight glow and blends my makeup at my jawline and hairline.
My Coastal Scents brushes. They were uber cheap and good quality. Seriously one Mac or Benefit brush costs more than the whole collection of like 12. These and my one NYX crease brush are all I use. (Note: The Dermalogica stuff would be on here but I got it this year so it will likely go on next year's review!)

K so that's it for that but I have so many ideas for this blog I have to make myself slow down and not write too much at once! Just for future note to self, I want to do a best days of 2010 post and a through the years a la Blair type of thing. So look out for those guys, I mean nobody, since nobody reads this yet and talk to you never!
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