Thursday, February 3, 2011

School and youtube!

   OMG. I haven't had time to breathe must less post blogs but tonight I'm posting one finally. So school this semester...well quite frankly it sucks. I hate my classes, hate hate hate. Ok I take it back, I like my Shakespeare class and I liked my ASL class, notice I said liked. So every day I've been rushing home from school, scarfing down some food and then spending every freakin second doing homework, until around midnight or a little past. I just don't have enough time in the day to do it all. So I decided to drop my ASL class because by taking that out, I'll be able to come home four hours earlier on Mon/Wed. I'll take it this summer. So other than that, I managed to squeeze in filming two you tube videos! I'm so excited, I did a makeup tutorial and a haul and this weekend I'm hoping to do about two or three more.
    Let's see what else, oh, we ended up not being able to take Gracie because my parents dogs didn't like her and were mean to her and scaring her!! What jerks. It sucked because she was so awesome! Anyway it turned out for the better because she is going to live with this lady and her kid who are renting rooms in my uncle's house that they still own but only live in occasionally.
    So of course I haven't been able to work on my stories at all which seems weird because I'm spending all my time doing stuff that doesn't really matter, and skipping the stuff that might actually matter.
    Umm what else, I bought a new mattress. It's pretty nice. Um. I painted my nails Do You Lilac It? So pretty. Breathe Carolina is doing a tour with Forever the Sickest Kids and We Are the In Crowd. Yep that's right and they aren't coming to CA. Like at all. Who the hell doesn't come to CA?  So far I'm really disappointed with the Warped Tour line up, I know they aren't finished announcing bands but come on who are these people they're announcing? So far I guess I'd see The Ready Set, Enter Shikari, Of Mice and Men possibly, Simple Plan possibly, Family Force Five possibly, and Every Avenue possibly? I don't know, I'm just rambling there was a lot of stuff I wanted to say but now I can't remember any of it, but mostly it's been school and then the you tube thing. I have a Skype now. Let's Skype. Or not, whatever.