Monday, January 3, 2011

haul + book stuff

   Hi guys! I'm in such a good mood today, I don't know why. Anyway, ok so I don't have a webcam, I do have a video camera but we lost the thing that plugs into the computer, Kenneth is gonna buy a replacement one soon but anyway I can't do videos so I'm just gonna do my Ulta haul in a blog, deal with it. Aimed at me, that was a deal with it to myself. PS: Ok this is so random but today my mom was like play that Kesha song (We R Who We R) which is funny cuz my mom doesn't like Kesha and you know, I sort of don't like the fact that I like her music cuz its so ridiculous, but music doesn't always have to mean something, sometimes its just fun to turn on something silly with a fun beat and dance around but anyway onto the haul.

Ok before I start, if you have no idea why I would do a haul, its just something I like watching other girls do on youtube and I'm gonna do it myself cuz its fun, if you think its dumb please skip over this part.

So first I got a replacement pack of Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.
Then I got Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray. This is because I'm going to train my hair to go 3 days without being washed because this is healthier for your hair and reduces greasiness. I got the idea from Elle Fowler (Allthatglitters21) on youtube. Basically you wash your hair on day 1, nothing on day 2, dry shampoo on day 3 and then wash the next day and do that for 2 weeks and it will be less greasy and able to go the 3 days without looking gross or needing the dry shampoo.
Then I got a NYX Cosmetics Smokey Look Kit which has 9 eyeshadows and 2 glosses and is pretty cheap. I now have all 4. (Nude on Nude, Bronze Smokey Look, Purple Smokey Look and this one).
Then the last thing I got was to fix my face if you remember yesterday I was talking about my face being so dry, I got a Dermalogica Dry skin kit. It comes with little mini sizes of 5 Dermalogica products that are really hydrating and also 2 one time use samples. I'm gonna use it tonight and see if it makes my skin any better. I'm actually really excited about it because these are nice quality products and wasn't too expensive because they are all small sizes.
So basically this blog is for me to write little frivolous things that are just fun like makeup stuff but also I'll write meaningful stuff when it comes up which I know it will. Its just a mixture of everything right now.

   Now on to books. I love love love to read. For my next semester however, I need to buy 18 books. That's right, EIGHTEEN freakin books and even though I love to read, I don't love to read school books! I have a Nintendo DS and I got a cartridge that has 100 classic books which I was so excited about because I want to read all the classics and I was looking through the book list going "oo I want to read that one and that one and that one..." But I think that I should read some of the Shakespeare ones because I am taking a Shakespeare class next semester, not for fun, I'm not the biggest fan of his, its for the pedagogy/authors requirement and we have to read like 6 or 7 of his plays. And that just kills my fun. I wanted to get another True Blood book I'm on the 5th one I think? And I wanted to try the House Of Night books and also read some more of the classics like I read Tom Sawyer and now I'm reading Huckleberry Finn. I love Huck. I wish I could name my future kid Huckleberry without him hating me forever, or at least just Huck. Anyway I was going to talk about The Time Traveler's Wife but this is getting so long so I'll talk about it tomorrow.

Oh ya one more thing! The thing that's making me happy is that I'm working on my story, its about 4 girls and they each have their own section and I'm working on the first girl's and she reminds me of Taylor Swift so I was listening to her music to get in the spirit. I don't want to give too much away yet. K bye!

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