Wednesday, January 5, 2011

grandpa, grades, warped, dry skin solved!

    My grandpa started his chemo today. I think it went well, he didn't feel sick or anything. His memory is getting worse though, he was all confused today and tried to take his home care chemo tube thing out and my grandma had to call my mom over to tell him not to mess with it. I don't like seeing him confused, he never used to be like that until very recently. He's tough though, he's been through 3 wars including WW2 so I know he's strong. I love him and am praying for him.

    So freakin finally I got my grades. I'm kinda...bummed but then I got over it and resolved to do better next semester even though I really did try, I'll just have to try harder. I know in college that a C means you did what you were supposed to do and you're right there with the average of everyone else, but I just want to see A's you know? I got an A in my DD class, a B+ in American Lit, a B in Creative Writing (because of that one thing I couldn't go to) and a C+ in British Lit. (Which for the record I didn't want to take but I have to and I have to take a second half still). Bummed about the C but what can I do. Whatever.

    Finally there are bands I actually want to see at Warped Tour! They announce more every Wed. I know its stupid early to be pumped about next summer but hey gotta have something to look forward to. Enter Shikari, Of Mice and Men (with original singer Austin Carlisle), and Family Force Five! I'm hoping for Alesana, We Are the In Crowd, A Skylit Drive, Mayday Parade, possibly Hey Monday and The Ready Set though I've already seen them and most of all Breathe Carolina! I'd probably see Automatic Loveletter again too. Wow that is a super random group of people.

I've been using this Dermalogica dry skin kit and it is completely freaking AMAZING. My skin is sooo incredibly soft and all the dryness is gone. The first day I used the cleanser which looks like and is the texture of lotion. It left my face really clean and soft, not at all tight or anything. Then I used the moisture masque sample and that burned for a few minutes but then calmed down. I washed it off after 10 minutes and it made me even paler than usual for some reason but also most of the dryness was gone. Then I spritzed my face with the toner and that felt so cool and refreshing. Then I used the moisturizer and then the lip balm. The lip balm is the most soft smooth best lip balm I've evvvver used in the world ever. The second day I did the same thing except instead of the masque I used the exfoliant. This stuff is also amazing it made my skin so smooth, I had these tiny bumps on my cheeks and they disappeared. Today I used the sample of precleanse and that was nice, I did a facial massage using that. The only downside which is a huge downside is that I looked up what it would cost to buy a full bottle of everything and it came out to like $280!! So I might just keep getting the kit and only get full sized bottles of the two sample things. You're only supposed to use the masque and exfoliator twice a week anyway. Oh yeah and then in the morning before I put on my makeup I use First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Therapy. Yep. Oh and I painted my nails with Sephora by OPI Techno Girl which is bright freakin pink. Yessssssss.
Listening to: Enter Shikari- Mothership

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