Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Days Of 2010

    Last post I said I wanted to do a best days of 2010 so here it is! Before I start, there's probably lots of days that were good but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head. (This might be a long post).

First one is: The Day I Got My AA Degree In the Mail! Guys, I've been going to community college off and on since I graduated high school when I was 18. So to finally finish something that I started years ago felt so good. I petitioned to graduate and then they said I was all good and they'd send me my degree. I didn't want to walk, I dunno, I think it would sort of feel like graduating from preschool. I'll walk when I graduate from my University. But I got it and I was so proud of myself, I actually have a degree. Now for my bachelor's. Workin on it.

Second one is: Halloween! So the Halloween before last I just borrowed my sister's Strawberry Shortcake costume and invited a few friends and my sis over and we watched the 100 Scariest Movie Moments ever which we watch every year and I sort of had fun but I was like "next year I'm gonna get an awesome costume and go to a party!" So this past Halloween, I wanted to be a sailor and was looking for a costume in the store and my dad pointed out this 70's Disco Chick costume made by Playboy and said that it looked really cool. So I tried it on just for fun along with my sailor one I picked out but I ended up really liking the Disco chick! It's hard to describe but it had pink orange and white swirls and it had bellbottoms and it showed my tummy which kinda was weird but anyway, I liked it. And I did super super sparkly makeup and it was cute. Ok I swear I'm getting to the point. So me, Kenneth (who was a gothic priest) and Luke (who was a hippy/himself) and Troy (who was umm, that ninja guy I forget from what) all went to a party thrown by this guy in one of me and Troy's classes. He's really chill but his party no offense sucked. I mean for a college party it was good but just not what I'm into. There were so many people that I could hardly move and it was freezing out back so I went inside and it was really hot and I was just standing there, and then the cops came. They didn't break up the party and eventually left but there was no music, no one dancing, super crowded and people were spilling stuff and breaking stuff and being really irritating and then this guy threw up all over this little girl that was sitting on the floor. (She wasn't actually a little kid but she was small). I was standing in that spot like 2 seconds before. She screamed at him and ran off to the bathroom with her friends but I was like, this is dumb and plus they were all out of beer. So I was like "guys, I hate this and I don't want to get thrown up on can we please go?" So we left and just went to Luke's.
Then we (me, Ken, Luke and Zach who was Kermit the Frog and he had the cutest frog feet!) went to Monster Bash I think the Sat before Halloween (which was on a Sunday I think). We went to the Gaslamp in SD and we had tickets and everything and stood in line forever and finally got in. We walked around got some drinks and then decided to go to some of the bars or clubs. Basically Monster Bash takes up a whole block downtown and then you can get into this whole list of clubs and bars in the area with no cover and discounts on drinks all night until 1 or 2 am can't remember. We walked around and could NOT find any of the places on the list. We found I think 2 that we didn't want to go to and I was like I really want to go to the Sky Bar. We walked around forever and it was freezing and finally found it. We waited in line for like an hour and it was almost midnight and that was when they stop letting you in and it was horrible. We paid for these tickets, wasted the whole night and we were like next year we're not doing ANYTHING for Halloween. BUT, we finally got in just before midnight. It was so awesome!! It was on top of this hotel, on the roof and there was a DJ and a bar and a huge fire pit with comfy chairs and people were dancing and drinking and you could see the whole city all lit up and I love love city skyline views they just make me feel so happy I can't describe it. I drank too much and went into the bathroom and almost threw up but I didn't and I just stayed in there until I felt better and then I went back out and Luke was like "this is awesome!" and I danced forever with Kenneth and Zach and then kicked Luke out of the chair to warm up by the fire, (I was the one who waited and got the chair but I let him sit in it while I danced). It was really fun, I had a good time.

The third one is: Warped Tour!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to go to Warped foreverrrr and I finally went. Kenneth's aunt asked us if we would take his 14 year old cousin Holly and her friend Monica. Holly was only allowed to go if we took her, so we agreed and his aunt bought one of our tickets so we would only have to buy one which was really nice! I looked up some of the bands playing and found a few that I really fell in love with. We also took Zach with us since he is the only one of our friends who sort of likes the same music we do. We got in line and it was an insanely long line but we didn't wait that long and got in just as it started. We got one of the lineup papers and the girls circled the ones they wanted to see and we circled ours. First band we all went to see was Breathe Carolina because they were the first ones playing that I knew of. I had a few of their songs like That's Classy and I.D.G.A.F. I was so glad we saw them because they were amazing and ended up being my favorite. They had so much energy and jumped into the crowd and they were just so much fun. Next I had a dilemma. Hey Monday and We Are the In Crowd were playing at the same exact time and I couldn't choose! I asked the guys which we should see and Zach said "well you really seem to like WATIC so I think we should see them." Then I saw that Hey Monday was signing autographs at a certain time so I decided I would see WATIC and then get Hey Monday's autographs. We dropped the girls off at Anti-Flag and stood in the front of the stage. I love them! Taylor was losing her voice though, but she still sounded good and they played all the songs I wanted to hear. Some stupid guy was trying to start a mosh pit and just no, that is not the moshing kind of music. He ran into some poor girl in front of me so I shoved him out of the way and stuck my elbow out so if he came back he'd get an elbow in the face. He finally stopped. Anyway then we all met up and me and Kenneth spent so much money on just water and we shared one chicken thing. We looked at all the booths and then stood in line for Hey Monday autograph signing. There was a box of posters on the ground which was nice so I grabbed one and had them sign it. Cassadee wasn't there (sad face, she's the one I wanted to meet the most) but the guys were all there and they were so nice! And Alex told me he liked my hair, haha! (I had rainbow clip-in extensions).
So next we went to see Reel Big Fish. I've seen them twice before but they're definitely worth seeing again. They were hilarious as usual and really fun and they played a lot of songs and ones I wanted to hear. Then we went to chill by the side of the stage and I could see them through the fence and took some pictures. We met back up with the girls again and Ken and Holly were ready to go already but I wouldn't leave without seeing Automatic Loveletter. They were so good and the crowd was small and it was starting to cool down a little and it was nice. I touched Juliet's hand ZOMG teehee. And THEN she was like "well guys if you want to hang out we'll be over by our merch tent after and we can all chill and talk and stuff." !!!!!!!! And guess what happened? Everyone else wanted to leave and so we left! Lame! Ken was all sunburned and Holly was tired and me and Monica whined because we wanted to stay and Zach I don't know I guess he was neutral. Not only did I have a chance to hang out with a band I really like, but I wanted to see Eyes Set To Kill later. Kenneth promised that next year we would stay the whole day and he would bring lots of sunblock and we would save up and bring more money so we can buy some stuff and bring water bottles. At least I got to hear Mayday Parade play Black Cat as we were leaving and also The Pretty Reckless was playing Make Me Wanna Die.

Next is Fearless Friends Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a lot of exclamation points. Dude seriously, best concert ever and I've been to a lot of concerts. Me and Ken were among the like 10 people who thought, "let's get there early so we can get a good spot and not be assholes and shove our way to the front."  We met the bass player from Transmit Now and he was so nice and we listened to his CD and I actually really liked it so we bought it and he was like, "your eyes match your hair." And for a second I was like WTF? Because I had the same rainbow hair extensions in and then I remembered that I did rainbow eyeshadow. So we were standing in line forever and Ken taps me and says "who's that?" and points behind us a few feet and I was like "is...that...Kyle? Nah it can't be." But eventually I realized it was. So I was like ummm I don't have anything to sign and I don't want to annoy him so let's leave him alone. And he left. Then I tapped Ken and was like, "who's that?" and pointed to David standing by the door. But he was talking to some girls and I didn't want to be the annoying fan who comes up right when he's trying to get some chick's number so I left him alone as well. After the concert however we were like "WTF we have a camera we could've asked for a picture and why would they be standing out there if they wanted to be alone we are so stupid ahhhh!!!" Really I'm smacking myself still for that. We should've at least talked to Kyle since he was alone. Anyway we got a pretty good close (second row-ish) spot a little to the left of the stage. First The American Secrets played and they were fun. (They're the band that won the competition.) Then was Artist vs. Poet. I liked them! Except for: lead singer, you're lovely but seriously its called a hairbrush. Love it. Use it. I'd already heard a couple of their songs and for one of them David came out and sang a little bit! Oh yeah something was wrong with their bass amp I think and the singer's mic was too soft but still all good. Then was Go Radio. Yaaa, ummm. not feelin it sorry. I just...ok I didn't really like their music but there was something that made it 10 times worse. There were these huuuuuuge sweaty guys and they had some friends too and they totally rushed the stage and squashed the hell out of us. Like what are you thinking, you will magically morph through people's bodies and end up on the stage? Then they tried to start a mosh pit. I mean, I understand if you want to stand in the front you'll get moshed but this was NOT moshing type of music. This guy actually pushed me so hard I fell on the ground and got a huge bruise and Ken shoved him halfway across the room, but still I sort of lost it and shoved and punched and went crazy on him and he started laughing and told Ken he was sorry. Jerk. K next was Every Avenue and they had pretty good songs and were kind of funny, but by this time I was tired from standing for so long, still a little upset and sore from being pushed and elbowed by sweaty Go Radio fans and my back was hurting so bad and I just wanted Breathe Carolina to come on. Which they did next!
OMGHHKP. I sound like a stupid ridiculous fan girl but seriously I looooove them. They had 10 times more energy than at Warped I mean they blew that place UP. They were all over the place and everybody was jumping and screaming and I was jumping all around and going crazy... They played my favorite songs plus ones I didn't think they'd do. I'm the Type Of Person To Take It Personal, Down (cover), and Have You Ever Danced and a bunch of others. And you know, I love David but I think Kyle really steals the live shows. He stage dived on us!!!! Ken had a crucial part in him not dying and I held up his shoulder but really I just wanted to touch him, shhhh don't tell. ;) Anyway and then a kind of weird thing happened toward the end of their set. David was over near me grabbing hands and I reached out and locked fingers with him and he stuck my hand in his hair. Which was all sweaty. But I didn't care really haha. I wiped it on Ken anyway and told him it was David- sweat and he looked at me weird but didn't really care either.
So last of all was Mayday Parade and I liked them before, but this concert was kind of amazing. It was sort of spiritual. (Not really.) They were playing their hearts out and I reached out and touched a little bit of that, singing the songs along with them...yeah. Best moments were Jamie All Over (loved that song forever now), and when they sang Miserable At Best with the other guy who used to be in the band (now in Go Radio) and the entire crowd sang the entire song with them it was sort of beautiful. They really had a lot of energy as well. The guitarist (the one with the beard who pretended to sing in the Jamie All Over Video) threw a bottle cap and it stuck to Kenneth's shirt and I grabbed it and now I have a lucky bottle cap. I still liked Breathe best but I couldn't believe how great Mayday was. (And still smacking myself for ignoring the Breathe guys). We took video clips and filled the card, they're hard to hear but still amazing to watch.

Last was Hey Monday concert!!!!!!! I was online and *gasp!* I saw Hey Monday was playing at this little local concert place. And *double gasp!* We Are the In Crowd was opening for them!!!! We got a good spot, a little further back than we were at Mayday but still close enough. WATIC was first. I freaking love them but Taylor had bronchitis but still was amazing. Seriously I will see them someday when Taylor is not sick! Then something weird happened. This Century was supposed to play and they got all their stuff set up and their band, but the lead singer just was too sick to do the show. So Hey Monday's merch guy jumps on the stage and does an impromptu Blink182 song. He was really good! It was fun but my back was hurting again and I sort of wanted to get on with it. They did 3 Blink songs and then left. Next was The Ready Set. Aw he's so adorable. But he needed a better wardrobe. I actually looked up some more of his songs later cuz I liked them a lot. Then it was Cartel. Cool. Why did they sing My Friend's Over You? I liked them fine but I was so tired and it was taking sooooooo long in between sets to re-set the stage. Then finally was Hey Monday. I love Cassadee she's such a good singer. They were lots of fun and they played most of my favorite songs and I was glad I had their new album. We also filmed clips of this concert and got almost the entire song of I Don't Wanna Dance. I tried using ear plugs this time and I could hear everything just fine except my ears weren't ringing one bit after the show it was amazing! Cuz I hate that horrible ringing you get all night and the headache the next day.

Anyway the only other days were Christmas and The Yosemite trip which I already talked about so there you go, a super long post that made me sound like a stupid obsessed fan girl but hey I enjoyed myself. Next I'll have to talk about yesterday's Shea party!! Wow this is ridiculously long.

Listening to: my concert videos!

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