Monday, January 17, 2011

random schmandom

    I'm listening to Aly and AJ which is weird and trying to work on one of my stories. I couldn't decide which one to work on, and now that I finally picked one, I can't think of what to write. Today was boring. I read a lot of my book on my Kindle. I like the story, it's interesting to me simply because it was written in the 40's but otherwise it's just a girl's thoughts when she first falls in love. It's just her going on dates with this guy Jack and I think that it wouldn't be interesting if I were to read it back then, but then again, maybe it would because there weren't a lot of things written from that point of view during that time.
    The weather was so nice today, I laid outside for awhile and read. I got a new OPI, it's called Glitzerland. Kenneth picked it out for me cuz I couldn't decide haha I think he just grabbed a random one so we could leave. I haven't tried it out yet cuz I'm still wearing Fancy Schmancy. Ahhh is it too early to wish it was summer already? Seriously, I'm not really looking forward to this next semester, I'm just going to have so much. And I'm really dreading the two and some odd hour break in between classes twice a week. Plus I'll have to spend it at a school I've never been to before. But then I was thinking, well why don't I just hang around the university and do my homework, there are plenty of little corners and places I could snuggle myself into and then I won't be distracted by anything and get a lot done and then just be sure to give myself plenty of time to get to the other campus. Blaaaaaah and I'm taking my first 400 level class and I wonder if it will be really hard or different from 300 levels. I want to tell you my classes but then I don't want people knowing my exact schedule just to be safe. At least none of them are early in the morning. One of my classes starts Wed and the rest start the next Mon. Scary!
Haha I got a text from Luke that said, "NEWS TEAM, ASSEMBAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!" Our "news team" hasn't hung out for a little while, his phone was lost. We're probably gonna have a BBQ tomorrow. Cuz that's what we do. That's how we roll. Like a G6. Whatever. I'm out of here to try to work some more.
Listening to: Aly and AJ- Insomniatic

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