Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kenneth Is A Lemur + new wardrobe + new dog!

    I made up this song it goes, "Kenneth is a lemur, a lemury lemur, the lemuryest of the lemurrrrrrs..." I don't know. I'm kinda excited about school starting tomorrow, not like yay! excited, but like "I hope everything goes well and I 'm sort of nervous," kind of excited.
    I totally re-did my wardrobe today. I went through my closet and seriously evaluated and things I haven't worn in awhile I put in a bag and they will go to donation. I actually got rid of a lot of stuff. But today I also went shopping and bought myself a lot of new stuff. I'm trying to expand and get lots of colors and lots of things I might not have picked out right away, because my wardrobe consists of a lot of just blue jeans and t-shirts with designs or whatever printed on them. And there is a lot of pink and black. So I got like a yellow shirt, some green, gray, purple, tan etc. I'm pleased so far but not finished. I also bought Kenneth two pairs of shoes and he said he's never had more than one pair of shoes at a time. I want to get a couple more things, like some red and some blue and then some more pants cuz I only got one pair of gray jeans and then some sweat pants for lounging around the house doing homework or whatever. Oh and I need some shoes cuz my sneakers are gross. I also stopped by the Mac counter and the girl helped me pick out a pretty light pink lipstick, it's called "snob."
    Ok so my uncle is coming down from Nevada, or over from Nevada however you say it, tomorrow. He was working for this good company, but then in the recession the company collapsed and he lost his job. He put in applications for every job he was qualified for all over the country and it took him a really long time but he finally found a really good one close to where he lives but he still has to move. He will be living at the place he's working at but they only accept dogs under 20 pounds and he has a bloodhound. Her name is Gracie and she is coming to live with us, because he wants her to go to a good home, he is sad but knows she will like living here because we have a bunch of other dogs and we take them out for walks every day and love and cuddle them and treat them like family. So I'll be meeting Gracie tomorrow after school I guess. Well I'm going to pick out my clothes for tomorrow and get my backpack all ready and read some before bed, wish me luck, goodnight! Oh yeah I painted my nails the Glitzerland color and its sooo pretty I love it!
Listening to: Alesana- The Thespian

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