Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alesana, first day of class, zoo!

    Ok so I've been skipping out on blogging for awhile and there was a lot of stuff I've wanted to write about so I finally got some time tonight. I'll just go in order of how they happened. First I got my CDs in the mail yay, I ordered a bundle of all three Alesana CDs on sale. First I listened to When Myth Fades To Legend because I thought it was the first one they put out but then I realized it was the second one but anyway I thought it was really good. Then I listened to On Frail Wings Of Vanity and Wax and I liked this one probably a little bit better and I also knew some of the songs on here even though I do think the singing and screaming were both a little better on the other one. Then I listened to The Emptiness. Wow. That's all I can really say, I was amazed at the whole concept and the whole album. The whole album connects and tells a story that continues in each song. It came with two booklets, one had the lyrics and they really told a story in just the lyrics themselves, but in the other booklet there is more to the story, it explains it a little more clearly and in depth. So I would read a chapter, then listen to the song and read along with the lyrics and then pause the CD, read another chapter and so on and I got so involved in the story but had to stop in the middle to go do some stuff and I couldn't wait to get home and finish! It was really amazing I've never seen an album that does that, maybe there is some out there but I was impressed with this one.
    So then I went to get my parking pass for school and my books. A parking pass for one freakin semester is 300 bucks. Damn. Then I went to the bookstore with my 4 page long list and got a basket and it was overflowing. I needed 17 books plus the one that I borrowed from Luke's brother for my class at the other school. So 18 books in all its so ridiculous. I heaved my basket onto the counter and the girl working there was like "I see a lit major!" Yeah that's me. Except my emphasis is on writing but apparently they want my eyeballs to fall out from reading so much. Oh and some of the books are INSANELY huge. I hope I don't have to carry those ones back and forth to class.
    So on Wed I went to my first class at the other school. I was surprised to learn that my teacher is deaf, she teaches using a translator. I mean, it's not that strange, it is a sign language class but it was surprising. She didn't feel well so she just took roll (is it roll or role?) and then let us leave super early. Nice. So all my classes will really start next week. I was feeling sort of agitated and nervous about having to spend two and a half hours in between school switches twice a week, but I'm just gonna go to the lab or find a cozy place on campus to read and do my homework, maybe eat some dinner, it will be my "me" time sort of. I kind of like this being a big girl thing. =) I hope I'm not overwhelmed by school, I mean, I need to get good grades to boost my GPA, but I've been thinking about it and I really need and want to get some work done on my own work, my own stories. It's important and my confidence has been going up and down all over the place about it, I need to start submitting short stories and poems to publications. I did one last semester, they didn't accept it =( but it was the first and only thing I've ever submitted I have to expect lots of rejection.
    Yesterday I went with Kenneth and Luke to the zoo! The world famous San Diego Zoo. It was such a nice day, the weather was perfect, it was sunny and Ken had the whole day off. Luke has a year pass and he got 2 free passes with it so we went fo FREE. We saw so many animals except the pandas cuz they are retarded. My favorites were the hippo because he looks like Sam and the Secretary Bird and the Flaming-O, I kept calling them that I don't know why. And then this lady told us more than we ever wanted to know about tortoises. The big ones that live for like 150 years. And we saw monkeys and elephants and giraffes and a leopard and tiger and lion and um, other stuff. We stayed all afternoon, we even stayed for a half hour past closing time, no one kicked us out. Then we went to Happy Noodle and I got Moo Shu and then to Luke's.  Zach came over and we all played our new game and his brother joined us too.
    So I have one more day, tomorrow before dun dun next semester starts. Wish me luck!
Oh yeah, I'm probably going to get a webcam so I can make videos and Skype.
Listening to: Alesana- Siren's Soliloquy

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