Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last days with Shea and stupidness

    So the day before yesterday I went with Shea and Luna to In N Out because Shea wanted to go, she had never been, I guess they only have those in CA, AZ and NV. So we went to the beach and watched the sunset over the ocean and ate and it was romantic haha. Anyway then we went and walked down to the end of the pier and back and then walked around the street fair for a bit. Then they asked if we could go to the pirate bar and they said they would only get one drink so I agreed (I had to be the driver). They got their drinks and played with the jukebox the whole time and I had a sprite. There was this guy with a tiny baby baby puppy and he asked if one of us would hold her while he played foosball. We agreed, but it was really weird. She was so cute, her name was Nicole (sort of weird for a dog but whatever) and she looked like a chocolate lab, we forgot to ask. Then I told the girls they could get another drink if they wanted to, and while they were gone a guy asked if he could sit with me. Sigh. Sometimes I just want to be like, "you know, before you waste your time trying and all, I'm married." But he seemed to want to talk and didn't hit on me so I talked to him for awhile. It might be because he was drunk but he was a horrible conversationalist, he should really work on that. But I heard the usual, "what are you drinking, I'm a marine from Texas, blah blah," he was sort of nice I guess and didn't try too hard but yeah, not gonna be interested sorry. And then when the girls came back he was like, "oh I'll get up," and they were like ok good and sat back down and he kind of mumbled "well that's fucked up," and left. Well well, now we see your true feelings. It's not like I went there to hook up or make friends is it so hard to just want to hang out with your girlfriends? I saw some other girl getting hit on by some guy and she wasn't having it either. She was there with her girlfriends too. I wished Kenneth could have gone but he was at work. I told him about the whole night, he thought it was funny, he doesn't get mad about me hanging out or doing stuff or talking to other people like some stupid moron exes I know.
    Then last night my sister had a party at her place. It was fun, I didn't know anyone really well, but I had met most of the people there before. Except of course I knew Shea and Luna and Kris and my dad lives with them too so I made him come out of his room and mingle. It was a sort of "dress-like-a-raver" theme, so I wore rainbow makeup and fuzzy pink boots and a couple kandies. Leela had her hoops, she's like a professional hoola-hooper which is really interesting, she's really good at it too. I got really drunk. My dad let me have some of the tequila we got him for Christmas and it was strong stuff. Kenneth came to pick me up when he got off work and hung around for a bit and then we left. I puked. =( Only a little. Haha I suck. And I was hungover alllllll day today and Kenneth was sick cuz he ate something bad so he stayed home from work. Shea went back home today, sad stuff but Ken said he might get me a webcam so I can Skype. And as promised in the title, here is the stupid stuff.
    I don't know why, but it's my mission in life to give everyone a retarded scene name. It's stupid but it's also really funny. Here's the ones I gave everyone so far. Jessica Jailbait, Kenneth Killface, Loserstomper Luke, Zombie Killer Zach, Luna Lycanthrope (not sure how to spell it) and I gave Shea one last night, Slayer Shea. Oh and dad is Calamity Clyde. Or as he calls himself Japanese Jesus. And we did give Troy one, but Luke helped so now he is Troy the Tyrannical Toddler Tickler. Not my fault okay?

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