Thursday, January 13, 2011

sort of disappointing day ends well

    So Monday we all picked up my sister's friend Shea at the airport. She's so cool! We invited all of our friends over and everyone got really drunk and we all played Rock Band and us girls took turns singing, (very loudly). We haven't had that big or rowdy of a gathering in awhile but it was great fun. Plus I never get to hang out with girls, I'm usually the lone girl and its okay with me but sometimes I just want to hang with some females. So the next day we were supposed to have our super secret squirrel mission, I don't know why but when I was drunk I wrote Luke a note and it took him 2 hours to remember to read it and in it I asked if he wanted to join our super secret squirrel mission, no idea why I called it that. Later I explained that we were going to take Shea to Hollywood because she had never been there. So we were all gonna go the next day, but Beth had an appointment and I was all hung over so we decided to go today. But Beth didn't feel well and remembered she had another thing to do so me, Ken and Luke were gonna go to the zoo cuz he had free passes. BUT then it ended up being so late that we decided not to go and we sat around playing with his cats and eating salt water taffy and talking in his living room forever. THEN we went to Target and bought a game, it was called What's Yours Like? and it was pretty fun. After that we went to Olive Garden cuz me and Ken had a gift card and then we went back to Luke's and watched Family Guy and Blue Mountain State on Netflix with his brother and his brother's friend. Family Guy=yes, BMS= no. Distracting trumpet! Haha that made me laugh until I cried. So basically I was so excited about today because I really wanted to go to Hollywood plus I like taking people places they've never been and Shea and Luke have never been there. Then I was all disappointed and then we were going to the zoo and I was all excited again, but then we realized how late it was and that the zoo closes at 5 and I got all disappointed again. But in the end, at least I was with Ken and Luke and we're all happy and healthy and that's all that matters.
Oh I completely forgot to mention, my birthday present from my mom came in the mail a couple days ago! It was a Kindle!!!!!! Wow I've never gotten that nice of a present before, I really like it. I think it's useful for my future profession(s) too and college because I can get some of the millions of novels I have to buy on there and it will be cheaper. I'm impressed too because I've been looking for this out of print book called Seventeenth Summer, it was written in the 1940's and I just looked it up on my Kindle and found it right away and bought it for only 6 bucks. I also got the fifth Sookie Stackhouse novel (True Blood). To be honest, when I read the description it sounded completely boring. But the last one was sooooo good that I'm hoping it will be interesting, I want to read all of them. Oh yeah the reason I got Seventeenth Summer is because it was one of the first novels really written for the YA genre. I want to read lots of YA books because that is the genre I mostly want to write for, it's like studying up or doing research. Well I guess that's all.
Oh one more thing real quick, they added more bands to Warped today and I got one of my wishlists kind of. The Ready Set! They also added Simple Plan which I think is kind of weird. Have they done anything new? They must have. Anyway I'm out of here.

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