Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year!!!

   So I've finally started a blogger thingy which was my only New Year's resolution. Done. Completed all my goals for this year. Haha. Anyway so yeah. Don't really know what to say. Let's start with my face. I ended the year with a super awesome trip to Yosemite with my husband Kenneth and friend Luke. We stayed in a cozy little tent-cabin and by cozy I mean ridiculously freezing cold and nothing in it but a shelf and two beds really close to each other. I learned how to sleep in a mummy bag. Here's the story and then I'll get to the my face part but I'm tangent crazed right now.
   So, I laid there for like 3 hours not sleeping and then I sat up and Luke was like, "I can't sleep." And Kenneth said he couldn't really sleep too well either. I said I was kinda cold so I smushed down into the bag and Kenneth and Luke put the hood part over my head and pulled the drawstring closed around my face so that only my nose and like one eye were exposed. Once I was all wrapped up like a burrito Luke said that he really wished there was a staircase around. (Thanks). Anyway, it rained all day the first day, snowed all day the next and froze the next so it was really cold like it got down to 17 degrees. It was fun. But now my face is sooooooo dry and chapped and my skin is like "help me!!" I've been using this face lotion of my mom's. I think its helping but its so greasy that I would never use it unless it was a dire situation like now. I don't think I'll break out though, I've never broken out ever, not even when I was a teenager. I never had pimples, I guess I'm just lucky in that department.
    We filmed our whole trip, maybe I'll put some of it on youtube or something later.
    So I think I'll do a Christmas haul, I didn't get a whole lot so it won't sound like bragging or anything. Here we go. From my mom, I got a bottle of Mac makeup brush cleanser and a lipstick in Myth. Its so pretty and I've been wishing for both of those for a while now. I also got a triple barrel curling iron (I told her I only wanted one if it was cheap which it was). I also got a True Blood calendar. From Beth and Kris I got an Eclipse calendar (I'm sensing a theme here). From Kenneth I got Benefit tinted moisturizer You Rebel Lite. He also got me this awesome little Urban Decay travel palette that comes with 3 eye colors, a blush and 3 lipglosses. The palette and moisturizer were perfect to take camping so I didn't have to bring or wear a lot of makeup but could still feel pretty. My grandma gave me money, and both Kenneth's grandmas and dad gave us gift cards. Luke gave me a SWORD. Ok so it was a joke, I was supposed to swap the sword with the lotion he got Kenneth. It's actually the best hand lotion I've ever used. Zach got us a gift card to Best Buy and Troy got me a pair of Spy sunglasses that were supposed to be like 120 dollars and he got for I think 20 at the secret sale.
    I got Kenneth a box of See's candy and an IOU for some new clothes, since I think it would be better for him to pick them out himself. I got Beth a hat with cat ears on it and the two sides hang way down and are cat paw shaped mittens. I got Kris a Deadmouse or however you spell it t-shirt. I got dad a pair of slippers and a button that says "OMG a double rainbow!!" and a box of chocolates and a bottle of tequila. Those were from me, ken, mom, tom and beth. Me and Mom got Tom a tower from Harry and David and Sees candy and Hickory Farms box. I got my mom an Urban Decay palette. I don't know what it's called but its the purple and black one with a gun on it. She wanted some more colors, but not anything crazy and I think those colors are perfect, the only downside is they're a little sparkly. It also came with Primer Potion in Eden (the matte one).
   So basically for the new year, I don't really have any resolutions. Last year was amazing, and I just hope this year will be too. I want to get straight A's next semester, but that's always a goal (BTW they still haven't posted our grades from last semester I don't know what the hell is up). I want to start going back to the gym and continue gradually being healthier and cooking more. I want to work on my stories. But those are ongoing. I hope I can keep up with this blog, even though no one is reading it now, maybe someday some people will so they can go back and read the ones they miss. Happy New Year 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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