Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Voice

Dammit! I wrote this whole post out and then it just randomly disappeared and went back a page. Lame.
Anyway, I was saying that I wanted to write a frivolous post about a tv show called The Voice. I don't watch much tv at all but I have been watching this show with my mom and it's really good, a lot better than American Idol which can get really boring at times. Anyway, the semi finals were last night and now they have two people left from each team.
From Team Christina I like Beverly just a little bit better than Frenchie. She has always been one of my favorites from the beginning. From Team Blake I like Dia a little better than Xenia. They both have the most amazing unique tone to their voices but Dia seems like she has a stronger direction than Xenia, who is just so young and the songs she's singing aren't doing anything for her. From Team CeeLo I like Vicki just a tiny bit better than the other guy, I can't remember how to spell his name. They are both so good, but Vicki just has a little more spark, she could win I think. From Team Adam I like both Casey and Javier but to be honest I think he made a mistake in letting Jeff go. He was really amazing, I wanted to see him sing again! I miss him. =(
Well the results are on tonight in a few minutes.
I also have been watching So You Think You Can Dance. This show has been my favorite forever, I've watched every season except the first two. This season is really really good, I don't even have a favorite yet really. Maybe I'll review it and pretend my opinion matters. We'll see. Anyway just wanted to write for a little bit, oh yeah! The Hunger Games is getting sooo crazy. It's so good but it's really intense. I've read the first book twice now because I was reading it with Kenneth and we finished and are now on the second one. I like being able to talk to him about it. There is one thing that has been bugging me the whole series and I hope it gets resolved the way I want it to because it is always there in the back of my mind. I need to finish that last book already.
Bye guys!

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