Saturday, June 25, 2011

Balancing It Out

Random post time. I want to complain a little bit to get it off my mind but first I'll talk about a fun time to even it out. So yesterday was kinda fun. Me and Kenneth and Zach went to Boomers for a little while, I hadn't been there in so long. We got this package deal kinda thing where we got a round of mini golf and 20 game tokens. So we did the mini golf and the first time we kept score on the little card and everything and it was really fun! It was dark but the place stays open until late like 11 I think. So, I know this is wrong but we skipped the last hole and jumped over to the other golf course, it wasn't crowded or anything. On that one we just messed around, on one hole we all hit our balls at the same time and all three went in! It looked really cool. And we just tried to race through the course as fast as we could because we were going to pick up my sister from the airport at midnight and we wanted to eat something first. It made it funny and we laughed a lot.

Then we went into the arcade to spend our tokens and decided to make it a competition and see who could get the most tickets. Winner!! I beat them both haha suckerzzzz. It's so crazy because when you are little the toys you can get with the tickets seem like the coolest things in the world and you will try so hard to like save up your tickets and everything and then you realize that most of the stuff in there can be bought elsewhere with a quarter.

We left after that and decided to go to Sonic. I never go there because the closest one used to be about 45 minutes away but they built one in the next town over about a year or two ago. We were close though so we went and I got an Ocean Water which is what I always get when I get a chance to go to Sonic like on road trips or whatever. Then we went to the airport and picked Beth up. Her trip to Florida sounded so cool, I'm jealous, I wish I could go somewhere like that.

So here's my complaining, you can skip this part if you want and I'll keep it short. I spent all of last semester running myself into the ground. I would rush home from school, and do only homework until midnight and then go to sleep and get up and go to school and do it again. On weekends, I spent almost the whole weekend doing schoolwork. I would allow myself maybe one thing like hanging out with friends just for a few hours or go shopping with my mom or something. Even when my grandpa was in the hospital I would bring my schoolbooks and study there for hours trying to keep my mom and grandma company. I was just hoping that I would get to do something cool this summer. Anyway, I know I can't do all the stuff I wanted but I was hoping for some of it. It now doesn't look like I will be able to do anything except Warped Tour and we bought our tickets ages ago when the pre-sales first came out. There's just too many things we need to pay for instead. We did add one thing. We got tickets for the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour. At least that sounds fun. I feel like a spoiled baby complaining, but I was just really stressed and thought it would be so good for me to get away for even a few days. Oh well.

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