Friday, June 10, 2011

Finished Catching Fire on to Mockingjay (NO spoilers!)

I really hate to admit it but its true. I'm obsessed. With these damn books. I read the first two Hunger Games books and am now part way through chapter 4 in the third, Mockingjay, and I only finished the second one this morning. I only ate one meal today and pretty much stayed in my room, wrapped in a blanket with my dogs and my Kindle. It's cold today which is lame...its supposed to be summer, or at least almost summer.

I keep having Hunger Games induced dreams. Most of them don't make sense, in a few of them I am only reading it. In the last one I was actually Katniss and I was walking around with Peeta, I don't know what we were doing, but then suddenly I was out of the games and traumatized from them. I was sitting on the ground, watching snow collect on my hand, which is strange because it doesn't snow here, and talking to my grandpa and cousin Josh. They have both been through wars, so I guess it makes sense that I would talk to them, but I haven't seen my cousin in years and my grandpa died 5 months ago.

I like the third book, but there is something I want to happen and it doesn't look like it will happen that way. But who knows. I seem like such a dork, and soon these books will be turned into movies and it will probably be like Twilight, where everyone hates them and people who like them still are looked at as moron tweeny girls who like sparkly vampires. Which I have one thing to say about. Okay, in the movie, Edward is all dramatic and says, "you have to see what I look like in the sunlight," drags Bella up the mountain and dramatically throws off his shirt and is like "this is what I am, a monnnnnnsssttterrrrr. Wah wah." And Bella is like um WTF? But in the book, he's just like casually, "hey check this out, I kinda sparkle, weird huh?" And she's just like "yeah. Pretty." And they don't make a big lame deal about it. And most readers were like ok, kind of stupid but whatever and continued on. I hope they don't make the Hunger Games movies stupid, I'm almost scared to see them because I'll be so upset if they do. Well, I just rambled on about nothing so I'm going back to do more reading hopefully, if I can continue to evade everyone else in the house.
I'll probably write a review or something on them when I'm done and I'll write SPOILERS in the heading so everyone will know because I hate spoilers.

Oh yeah, and my third blog is going about as well as I expected it to which means nothing at all is happening and no one cares but at least its there. At least I tried...or not. Why do I even do these things?

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