Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mosh pits and Fender Benders

Ok guys, we are going to talk about a little something called mosh pits. I understand the whole mosh pits thing, I really do. And if the music requires one, go right on ahead. However, there are a few things I can't stand during live concerts that have to do with moshing and here they are. 1. Moshing when the music clearly is not moshing type of music. Seriously people, do not mosh to Hey Monday. Do not mosh to pop music or anything similar, it's just dumb and you end up pushing little girls and people who don't want to be pushed. 2. Circle pits. Just don't. Remember the good old days when people didn't skip around in a circle? Seriously, you aren't even watching the band, you're just skipping around in a circle and it looks really dumb and not even fun. It's just annoying because everyone has to clear out the best spots front and center for you to skip around. 3. Getting violent in the pit. People talk about "oh come on stop all this lame push-pits and get brutal, lay someone out, punch someone in the face..." What the hell kind of fun is that? People don't go to concerts to get in fights and get punched in the face. It's lame. Ok I just needed to get that out.

My husband got in an accident yesterday in my car. He was driving home from work and some lady pulled out right in front of him. He slammed on the brakes but skidded into the back of her. There is a little damage but my car has some pretty bouncy bumpers so its not too bad. Some connector things broke inside the bumper and the piece that holds one of the headlights on broke too and there is a scratch mark. Hopefully the insurance will take care of it. We drove by where it was and saw the skid marks on the road.

And now without further ado, here is a pic of me after a little too much rum at the Memorial Day shindig hoedown hootenanny.

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