Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rambly - Dogs, Supernatural, new dress etc...

Hi guys, how is your weekend going? It is the weekend right? I'm not in school so I'm not very good at keeping track of days haha. So I went downstairs to get a glass of water and there was a big rabbit just chilling out there. I walked up to it and it let me get pretty close but then Chloe came outside and I yelled for it to run away and it did. There are rabbits in the backyard all the time and it's weird because we have four dogs! A pit bull mix, a American staffordshire mix and two chihuahua mixes.
Anyway, we went to the farmer's market again and it didn't seem to be as much good stuff this time but my sister got two saris and I liked the saris but I really was drawn to this maxi dress. Then I was like, "eh where am I really gonna wear a maxi dress?" so I got a similar one but short. It's pretty but I think it's in my sister's room and she is taking a nap so I'll have to get it later to take a pic.
My sister is obsessed with the TV show Supernatural. She is always asking me to watch it with her so finally this morning we watched the first episode. I thought it was pretty good, so we will probably watch some more. She wanted me to watch Vampire Diaries too but ehhhhhhh I dunno about that. Oh! I got my husband to read the first chapter of The Hunger Games with me last night muwahahahaha. He doesn't like reading but he knows the only way to really get better at it is to do it more often. So we read it together and he seemed to like it so far.
Chloe is such a baby!! She just sits there staring at me and crying until I pick her up and then when I do all she wants to do is lick my face and it's gross. Now she is done licking and curled up on my lap sleeping. She wants to be with me all the time, but it's ok, I don't mind being smothered. Kenneth is clingy and I am clingy and Chloe is clingy so it all works out. Bender isn't really clingy though so he gets annoyed at all the cuddling and usually sleeps under the bed unless he gets cold. Well, this was a completely rambling post but whatever. Bye!
PS: I think I might be going on vacation soon but I have no idea where yet and I also want to go to the fair! Is it here yet? I don't think so. I want to go bungee jumping.

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Lizzy said...

What a cute post! (: I love the fuzzy socks!