Friday, July 1, 2011

Me in a Music Video?

I have pics from the Salton Sea trip but haven't uploaded them yet so they will be up next post.

   So this thing that I'm kind of excited about is, I'm going to be in a music video! Yep, I am heading up to LA tomorrow to be in Breathe Carolina's video for the song Blackout. I didn't actually really think I would get accepted, but I did and they gave me the information Wednesday morning. Now, I have NO idea what I am actually going to be doing. I just know that they told everyone to dress cool/hip/sexy and we'll be filming at a club. So I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to be bopping around in the background, if I'm supposed to be dancing as a clubgoer, or if they will be performing the song and I'm just supposed to fill out the crowd. I don't know if I'll get to meet the band or if they'll even be there which I'm assuming they will since it is their video. I don't know if there will be hundreds of other people in the video or just a few. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to see myself once the video is done, or if I'll just be part of the crowd. My assumption is that it will be a club scene and we are just supposed to dance around or that it will be a performance scene and we are the audience listening to the band, and there will be quite a few of us, enough to fill most of the club but not crowd the whole thing since they need to have the cameras and lighting equipment in there. I am also assuming that we will be filming for a good few hours, maybe even most of the day. This is just a guess.

   So I had some prep work to do. First I got my hair cut and fixed the color. Basically I have been needing to do this forever and have been putting it off and used this as an excuse to finally get it done. I really don't think being in the background of a video warrants a complete hair makeover. But I got my bangs cut back in, trimmed up the top layers and got some split ends cut off. Also, I have some peek-a-boo blonde strips and they had grown out like four inches so I got those fixed up.
   Next, I realized that I don't have any clubbing-type clothes! I completely re-did my wardrobe a few months ago and forgot to get anything for going out. So I went to the mall with the cool/hip/sexy requirements in mind. Also, I'm not allowed to wear anything with logos or stripes. So I saw this cute/sexy red dress and thought, well if I'm wearing red at least I'll be able to spot myself easily. Then I saw a black dress that I liked just as much. So I got both. But I decided to keep looking around a little and found a really awesome black corset-like top. It is shiny black material with little beaded designs and has those little eye-hook things all the way up the front. Which would go perfectly with this hot pink and black skirt I saw when I first got to the mall. When I saw it, I thought 'this is cute and if I can't find anything else I'll come back and get this skirt.' So I ended up going back and getting the skirt because the top went perfectly with it.
  After I came home and showed everyone the clothes, I decided (with some help) on the skirt and black top. Then I put on some black boots with it and liked the look, but those shoes are so uncomfortable and I might have to be wearing them for awhile and possibly dancing in them. So I went back to the mall the next day and found some awesome knee-high black boots for like 20 bucks. They still have a heel, but a little bit lower one and the boots are comfy. I added pink feather earrings, a black flower cocktail ring, and a black smokey eye with hot pink around the edge and pink glitter liner and voila. So here are some pics and later I will put some up of my outfit and makeup on my beauty blog and I'll do my hair the way I want it tomorrow. Wish me luck!
New hurrrr.
 Close-up of one of the streaks.
I tried to do a pic of my eye makeup but the lighting is weird in here, maybe I'll get it later.


-Mystery Rose said...

Have fun in the video !!!

Jessy In Lights said...

Thank you, I definitely did!