Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gluten Free and New Girl

    This isn't the best or most interesting topic but it's having a large impact on my life right now so I'm going to write about it a little.
    So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm having an allergic reaction to something, and I have been for about the past 3 months, I just don't know what it is that I'm allergic to. I've switched up my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, everything and my skin condition just won't go away. So a couple days ago Dr. Melissa told me that it is likely a reaction to food, which I wrote off at first because I haven't been eating anything different lately. She said that a food allergy could have just been building up in my body and it finally started to show itself. So geez, now I'm trying to figure out what food it is and I have started with wheat/gluten. I already don't eat any dairy whatsoever so that's ruled out. It's been a little difficult because so many things have gluten in them but I've been doing a good job. The plus side is that I have been eating sooo much healthier and not going out to eat at all. It's only been a few days but here is an example of what I ate today:
Breakfast: A scrambled egg (I'm trying to make sure I eat other possible allergy foods so I can rule out only one thing at a time and eggs are a possible allergy) and yogurt made from coconut milk with blueberries and raspberries on top.
Lunch: One piece of gluten-free bread (its very thick hence the one piece) with vegan mayo, a piece of turkey, and spicy mustard on top. Baby carrots with hummus and a few gluten free crackers.
Dinner: A turkey burger (just the patty, no bun or anything else), and steamed broccoli and for dessert a couple gluten free cookies.
Unfortunately I haven't been any less itchy but like I said it's only been a couple of days and I do feel more healthy. If this doesn't help, I'm going to try ruling out sugar, eggs, nuts, seafood and soy. Sigh.
    Other than that I haven't been doing a whole lot, but pretty much my summer has already been made, (by the whole video experience) so I'm happy even  if nothing else happens. I am going to a concert next week (Breathe Carolina, their new album came out 2 days ago and I love it!) and also I'm going to Warped Tour next month.
    So have you seen the previews for a new show coming out called New Girl or something like that? It has Zooey whatever her name is? I am so pissed off about this show. Why you might ask? Because I wrote it! Ok I didn't write the exact show but I was in the middle of writing a totally new type of story for me. It is for an older age group than my usual 12 to 18 year old target group and I was seriously thinking of putting it in tv show format. It was a comedy about a girl who moves to a new town to go to college and through a misunderstanding ends up rooming with four college guys. In the real tv show, a girl moves in with 3 guys. They seem to have the same look as my group of guys has, right down to one of them being black in both instances and some of the interactions seem similar to what I was going to do. The show looks like its going to be really good and funny which makes me hate it even more. I know they aren't exactly the same, I don't think the girl on tv is in college and of course the stories will end up being totally different but it seems like the same basic premise. So now, if I ever decide to do anything with that story it will seem like I'm copying the tv show. Meh C'est la vie I guess.

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