Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blowing Things Up-It's How We Roll

So for the fourth of July I sort of had two celebrations. On the third, Luke invited me and Ken, Zach, Troy and 3 of his neighbors over to his house and we played beer pong (me and Zach were one cup away from winning) and Halo Reach and everyone talked and sang and argued and invented beer pong olympics (beer pong basketball, water polo and lacrosse?). Yeah it was 7 guys and me. I know I'm sort of one of the guys anyway, but geez.

Then yesterday, I kind of just chilled. For some reason I felt a little tired and didn't feel like fighting the crowds to go see fireworks or anything. I remember a couple years ago we went to the beach and got a good idea to stand on the pier because we wouldn't be caught in the crowd on the beach, plus we'd have like front row seats. About two minutes before they started, the fog just rushed in faster than I've ever seen it, they started the fireworks and no one got to see any of it. Lame. So anyway, me Ken and Beth went to Luke's last night.  Luke's dad just got back from Vegas and brought us a giant box of explody goodness! So we spent the night blowing things up. I did some videos, maybe I'll upload them to my youtube or something and give you the link. I have to completely re-do my youtube.

Man I can't believe it's July already!! Where are you going summer?? Actually I'm feeling pretty good. I had some good times lately and I've got a concert coming up week after next. I'm just going to really crack down on writing my stories.

You know what? I feel weird that I don't go to the beach every day like everyone else in So Cal. I mean I love the ocean and being able to be near the beach, but I just don't like putting on a bathing suit, getting sand stuck all over me, going into the freezing cold ocean, getting knocked over by waves, fighting people for a spot to put my towel down and getting baked by the sun. It's just a big pain to me. I don't know why...well with that I leave you.

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