Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ways To Spend the Rest of my Summer

I feel like I've been wasting a lot of my summer just doing...I don't know, not very much of anything really. So I decided to really focus and find what it is that I want to do.

I definitely want to write more, I didn't write all semester and then when I finally had free time I just felt like turning my brain off for awhile. But it's going back on. I think that what I'm going to do is not let school take over my entire life. I know that I want good grades and all but I still want to write. I think that the classes I'm taking next semester will still be challenging, but not so much reading which takes up a lot of time and really seems to be a waste sometimes. I'm taking 2 writing classes and a language class and only 1 class that is like last semester's.

I do want to try to go to the beach, despite last post. It's free and takes like what 10 minutes to get there? It's been really hot lately and it might feel good to cool off in the water.

Also, maybe try something like cooking healthy meals with Kenneth, I hate cooking but he is good at it so maybe if we do it together it won't be too bad. We had a couple of themed meal get-togethers with our friends like once in October we did an Oktoberfest thing where we made German food and drank German beer and then we did a Japanese one where we made, of course, sushi and drank Japanese drinks. So maybe we can do more of them. Any ideas? Or we can just do like a fake-cocktail party where we don't actually dress up and be boring but we make a couple different kinds of cocktails.

Maybe once every couple of weeks or when we can afford it me and Ken can have like a date night or something. Go to dinner or a movie or a walk on the beach or whatever.

Go clubbing! Like to an actual club downtown where you dress up and get overpriced drinks and guys try to dance with you without asking first and it gets awkward because your husband is sitting right there and you are trying to get away but not be mean about it.

I want to finish watching some tv shows like when I have nothing else to do. Its Always Sunny..., South Of Nowhere (shutup! I know it's ridiculous but it's one of those shows that suck you in like Degrassi and you can't stop even though you know it's not that great), Archer, Workaholics and whatever else. Also some anime that I've been watching with Ken. Even though I'm only a quarter Japanese I just can't help it if I love sushi, Hello Kitty and watching anime.

Read more of course. I don't have any books left to read on my Kindle but I have that 100 Classic books on my Nintendo DS. That should last a while haha.

Well I guess that's it for now!

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