Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here I Go Again

Back to school. Bleeeeeeh. I am actually going to 2 different colleges, because the main college doesn't offer one of the classes I want (and need) so I go to the community college twice a week.That campus started last week and the class I'm taking is actually kind of fun, plus the best part is that Kenneth is taking the class with me! It makes everything so much better to have him there with me and we can help each other study. The other campus starts tomorrow.
Bad things about this semester: I have 2 long classes, because they are only once a week so they are each almost 3 hours long. I hate long classes and I have a hard time focusing and sitting still for that long it's just so boring.
Also, I have a FRIDAY class. The best thing about college is that you have 3 day weekends. I usually end up spending all three doing papers and studying but still, it is a nice perk. But this time I had to take a class on Friday. Also, it is on a Friday morning which makes it even worse because I have to get up early. With the severe budget cuts, they have to offer less classes and one of the ones I really needed/wanted ended up only being offered Friday mornings so I took it.
Good things about this semester: I only have 1 class each day Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri. On Thurs, I have 2 classes but the second one is with Kenneth so it's not too bad. So overall, besides the whole Friday thing I don't think this semester will be too bad.
This post is really boring, sorry, I'll try to make my next one more exciting.

Oh! I just remembered, I went with Ken, Luke, Troy and Zach to see a movie (Conan the Barbarian it kinda sucked) and on the way out Kenneth pointed to the wall and there was a Hunger Games movie poster with just the Mockingjay symbol on it. I squealed out loud before I could contain myself. Eee!

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