Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update and Geocaching

So I'm starting to get into the swing of blogging and working on my stories again. The first week that school was out all I did was laze around and watch a silly tv show online and read a silly book and played silly computer games and that was about it. I think yesterday it finally sunk in that I don't have to run around freaking out about doing homework any more. At least until next semester. Yeah. lets talk about next semester for a bit and then all school talk will be out of the way.

So I signed up for the second half of a class I don't like but need, a second semester of creative writing workshop and another writing class. All the classes I take fulfill requirements but I usually am able to choose between a few options to get that requirement taken care of. The first one I talked about is one that I can't choose, I have to do it. Two of those classes are 400 levels and I think all of them will have a good amount of work, but I don't think/hope it won't be as bad as last semester. Also, I'm signing up for one more class at the other campus so that's why I only have three. The one bad thing is that one of those classes is on a Friday. Grosssss I hate that idea but it was really the only one that fit into my schedule it was either that or a class I didn't really want to take. At least it's a class I wanted. It's also going to require me to get up at 8 in the morning and I am NOT a morning person. I don't like to get up until like 10 at the earliest. But the good thing is that I only have one class a day except for Thursdays I have two, but one of those is with Kenneth! He's going to sign up for two classes and one of them will be with me. So it won't be so bad hopefully. Also, another thing that sucks is that two of the classes they haven't even said who the teacher is going to be and there are a few teachers that I really don't like one bit and was hoping to avoid but now I might not be able to. Errrr.

Anyway, tomorrow and Monday we are helping my dad and sister move out of their apartment. We recruited some friends to help and then on Monday evening we are having a shindig hoedown hootenanny. Wow spell check didn't underline any of those words. That is awesome. My mom is gonna cook some stuff and the guys are gonna grill, so it should be fun!

I am reading The Hunger Games. It is intense and I really really like it and every time I pick it up I don't want to put it down so I have been making myself not read it until before bed so that way I will have to put it down when I get too sleepy. It's giving me really weird dreams though. I think I might know where it is going but I'm not sure, there are three books and I definitely will read all three.

A couple more quick things before I go. I started geocaching again! I love it, I've found 86 caches so far! If you don't know what it is, geocaching is kind of like a treasure hunt. You use your GPS device to go to specified coordinates where there is a hidden container. Inside the container is usually little trinkets and a log which you sign and then go on the website and log that you found it. You can take a trinket if you want (they are called swag) as long as you leave something in it's place! There are geocaches all over the world! In my town there are literally hundreds. I even found a few last time I went to Las Vegas. Most of them are well hidden or disguised as something else and take awhile to find even though you have the GPS,  sometimes I haven't even been able to find them at all. It's great because it combines technology with a game with the great outdoors. Some of them require hikes in remote areas and some are right in parking lots. If you are interested in playing or finding out more you can go to So I went a few days ago to find one and we went the wrong way at first. So we had to walk all the way back up this hill along the sidewalk (these ones were urban caches) and then got into the car to drive a little closer to the right spot. Suddenly I felt a pain on top of my middle finger between my nail and knuckle. I screamed and then looked down and there was a bee, sitting right there on my finger! I opened the door and flung my hand as hard as I could to get it off and screamed "it stung me!" My mom was with me and told me to let her get the stinger out so she did and tried to calm me down. She said, "well let's go home and get you some Benadryl," and I was like, "hell no we are getting this damn cache!" So I gritted my teeth and we made the find pretty easy after that. It hurt soooo bad but the good thing was that it didn't hurt for very long. The pain started to go away after about 10 minutes or less. The only other time I've been stung by a bee was when I was about 5, I was playing in the park across the street from where we lived at the time and swatted at a bee flying by and it stung me on the back of the leg and I ran home to my mom. Both times she got the stinger out for me. Aww. I'm silly. Anyway there was some other stuff I wanted to talk about but this is getting long so I'll save it for later. Bye!


belle (from elle& d; ) said...

OH MY GOOOOODNESS! i absolutely LOVE the hunger games books! did you know the movie is coming out really soon, like in 2012~WOOOOO. anyway, i definitely reccomend reading all three, i havent gotten to reading the third one yet, but i'm getting there. everyone who had read it though, seemed to only like the last few pages, letdown i know. but yeah. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES<3

Jessy In Lights said...

Yeah my sister just told me that they are making a movie, I'm excited but I hope they stick to the book and don't change it too much! It's getting even harder to put down the book now, I am surprised with how much I love it!